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What we offer?

  • CC for online shops | Price $65 | Minimal balance $1500 | Valid 75%
  • Working worldwide
  • Prepaid cards for online shops | Price $95 | Minimal balance $3200 | Valid 95%
  • Working worldwide
  • Optional easy to use cashout guide | Price $65 | Working for prepaid cards and CC
  • Contains step-by-step instructions with links and screenshots. Socks5 proxy, OS (Win, Mac, Android root) setup, browser setup and more. Email us to make an order

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How can i trust you?
Contact us to see our proofs.
Do you accept escrow?
When will i get my order?
You'll receive your completed order within 20 minutes after your payment.
Which payment options do you accept?
We prefer bitcoins (BTC), but we also accept other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BCH, XMR.
Do you have test cards?
Unfortunately we haven't cards with low balance. You can place an order for our lowest package.
Do you provide withdrawal guide?
Yes. Contact us to get it.
Where to buy bitcoins?
You can buy bitcoins with, or If you need to get btc directly to your wallet you can use own web bitcoin wallet
How can i contact you securely?
Just register your email account on
Do you accept refunding/replacing?
We have special conditions for it. Contact us to see more details.

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